Crystal Grids - Abundance and Prosperity

💎🔮 C R Y S T A L  G R I D S 🔮💎


💫 We set this baby up in store today 🤩

👇🏼 Keep Reading to learn about this grid 👇🏼


🌟 Did you know we can make you a personalised crystal grid? Contact us here to discuss your needs.


✨The most important thing to remember about crystal grids is to use them with clear intentions while manifesting... 

🌙 With this grid we are manifesting abundance, prosperity, creativity and protection in our store. January is the perfect time to plant the seeds of what we want our business to grow into.

👇🏼Here’s what we used:

🌟We drew our grid on a wooden tray so we could make it a bit more personal. The Seed of Life geometric pattern is one of the grids that we have used here to help with growth (we are manifesting for our business after all!) you could print out a template of your own to use. Just make sure your have clear lines to follow and symmetry!

🌟 We wrote down our intentions for the grid on a piece of paper to help keep them clear and accurate. 

🌟 The generator we used was an Aventurine point. Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and also helps to stimulate creativity.

🌟 The other crystals we chose were Citrine - a stone of abundance and to help manifest prosperity. Black Tourmaline - Attracts inspiration and prosperity, removes blocks and is cleansing and protective. Carnelian - Grounding and motivates for success in business, protective and a stone of abundance. Cats Eye - Amplifies good luck and protection. Some more Aventurine to complement our generator. Clear quartz to purify and amplify all our other crystals.

🌟 We also used some lava beads that we infused with Essential Oils. Litsea - the oil of manifestation, and Wild Orange - the oil of Abundance.

🌟 CLEANSE YOUR CRYSTALS! This is really important! You can use sage, sunlight, bury them, rice... all sorts! We used rice then charged them with energy using Reiki 👐🏼

🌟 Connect to your guides, create your space, meditate on the intentions you have listed. For us, this space was in our Reiki Room. We then began to place our crystals.

🌟 Using the generator we tapped each crystal to “draw” our grid and activate it. 

🌟 Once again using Reiki we continued to charge our crystals and set our intentions.

🌟 The last step was to check the crystal grid energy with a pendulum, then close with a thank you 🙏🏻 

🌟 The grid was then placed in its new home on our front display shelf, with a cover to stop the crystals from being disturbed.


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