Moldavite - Why you DON’T need it!

I’ve been getting asked at least 5 times a day for Moldavite so I thought it was time for a bit more of an informative post about what you’re really asking for. I know it’s the latest TikTok craze, but I’m sorry - you’ve been very much misinformed.
Moldavite is a form of Tektite and comes from a meteor. Real Moldavite is rare and expensive. We generally get a few chips in (as pictured) but to put it into perspective, most crystals we buy by the KG. This is one of the few we buy by the GRAM.
Please get your information from someone who knows what they are doing! Some highly vibrational stones can actually make you WORSE!
Let’s look at what Moldavite does... Being a Tektite, it has very celestial vibrations to it. This type of energy helps us to connect to our higher self and embrace our spirituality. Being such a highly vibrational stone it also clears the auric field of negative energy and helps us to bring all the bullshit we hang on to to the surface. Sounds great right? Wrong! If you’ve never worked with crystals or “tapped in” to your higher self energy (I’m talking on a regular basis) Moldavite is way too much for you. Bringing up all the “parts” of you that you need to heal through your shadow work like this will create a healing crisis and you will be a mess. Also being so highly vibrational, Moldavite will most likely make you feel sick and give you headaches.
If you suffer with your mental health, Moldavite is definitely a huge NO! You’re already overactive in the crown and third eye chakras. That’s contributing to your anxiousness, insomnia and over analysing. You need stones to calm the mind and ground you - not tip the scales further.
There are many stones that will help cleanse and protect you and start lifting your vibrations in a different way. Crystals aren’t a one size fits all type deal. They work with your energy differently to another persons. When choosing crystals, please talk to someone who can give you accurate information.
As someone who has been working with their intuition their whole life, removes entities and works with peoples emotional baggage every day - I can tell you I have never ever recommended Moldavite to anyone.
If you want some similar stones that are a bit more gentle and you’ll actually be able to work with, look at Kyanite, Celestite, Selenite, Angelite, Aqua Aura and Lemurian Quartz. These are just a few that can help you achieve the same thing, but in the right way.
I hope this information helps you all!
Danielle 🌻