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AMBER - Fossilised Tree Resin 

A warm and nurturing energy radiates from Amber. It is said to bring stability and balance to the mind, body and spirit. It brings forth optimism and creativity into one's life. It can assist in releasing low vibrational feelings, inviting happiness and a sense of purpose. Encourages patience and positive decision making. 

Chakra Association - Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakras 



Also known as Black Amber (coal Lignite).

A protective and grounding stone, absorbs negative energies. A stone of sympathy, it allows one to feel and go through the events of grief, low vibrational emotions and loss in a healthy way. Encourages one to come up with healthy solutions to issues and challenges. Can invite in abundance (place in office or cash register to encourage positive financial flow). 

Chakra Association  - Heart, and Root Chakra

*Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.

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