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Emotional Healing Properties - Apatite is known to balance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  Helps to move past emotional exhaustion and clear negative blocks. Decreases feelings of self pity and opens up feelings of gratitude and a new love for life.  Great to ease tension, irritation, anger and sorrow. Used in healings and meditations to heighten psychic abilities and overcome blockages from past lifetimes. Good to use in social circumstances, it is uplifting, encourages clear communication and confidence. 

Physical Healing Properties - Great for ailments of the bones and meridians. Detoxing to the organs, great for diet, suppressing hunger and raising metabolic rate. Balances hyperactivity but also invigorating for those feeling exhausted or unmotivated. 

Chakra Associations - Throat and Third Eye Chakras (5th and 6th Energy Centres)


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