Aura Quartz


All Aura Quartz is made by bonding Q1 Clear Quartz with another mineral.


Emotional Healing Properties -   The intense and high vibrational energy from this crystal is commonly used to heal ones auric field, releasing negative energies creating a calm and relaxed emotion. Can aid in protection on a spiritual level, guarding against psychic attacks. Great to use when meditating to gain access to angelic realms. Is known to ease feelings of depression and assists in calming anger. Assists with clear positive communication and confidence, encouraging to speak ones truth and follow their hearts desire. 

Physical Healing Properties -  Attracts abundance in wealth and is a great tool with manifestations. Strengthens the immune system. Great for relieving asthma conditions and other respiratory issues. Can assist people with cerebral palsy, autism, and Aspergers syndrome. 

Chakra Association-  Throat and Crown



Copper Orange Aura Quartz has been heat treated with other minerals such as Iron, Copper and Bismuth to give it a unique and beautiful appearance. 

Emotional Healing Properties  - This stunning crystal is known to encourage creativity, confidence and positive connections in ones life. Assists with shifting old habits and inviting new positive energy to flow. Encourages focus and ambition to achieve one’s desires. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages healthy function of the reproductive and digestive systems. Encourages mental clarity and focus. 

Chakra Association  - Solar Plexus, Sacral 



Rainbow Aura Quartz has a beautiful and unique appearance. It’s rainbow flashes occur when titanium and other minerals are heat treated with Clear Quartz to create this appearance. 

Emotional Healing Properties  - A highly grounding and cleansing stone. Allows negative energy to shift from the energetic body and replaces with positive energy. Encourages confidence and a positive outlook on life. Assists with healthy relationships and positive connections. Assists with removing the things that no longer serve ones self, making room for new healthy opportunities. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages healthy function of the nervous system. Cleansing and detoxing to the body’s organs. Eases muscular tension and stress. 

Chakra Association  - Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root 



Apple Aura Quartz is a bright green colour and has been bonded with Nickel. Said to be good for the spleen and immune system. Said to be good for protecting our energy levels and protecting us from energy ‘vampires’. It assists in severing ties from previous relationships. It is said to aid multidimensional and cellular memory healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.



All Aura Quartz is made by bonding Q1 Clear Quartz with another mineral.
Metal- Titanium, Gold and Indium
Dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages. Balances Yin-Yang energy. A protective stone, brings healing and grounding to all bodies.



Emotional Healing Properties  - A stone of strength and self empowerment, encouraging one to be aligned and centred in life. Brings forth focus and clarity, assisting one to achieve their dreams and desires. Invites in peace, harmony and balance into one’s life. Cleansing to the auric field, encouraging one to raise their energetic vibration. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages vitality and physical strength. Known to reduce stress and anxieties, calming to the nervous system. 

Chakra Association  - All chakras 

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