Blue Lace & Pink Lace Agate


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Emotional Properties -  Known as the stone of communication, clarity and confidence. It is a wonderful calming and protective energy for emotional healing. Known to neutralise anger and frustrations assisting clear communication and speaking ones truth in a diplomatic manner. Aids in releasing repressed self expression that has stemmed from past fears or rejection. Brings forth self confidence and clarity of mind. 

Physical Properties -  Healing for throat, or thyroid issues, swollen glands and cleansing the lymphatic system. Can assist healing where fever is present. Wear as a pendent around neck to help with public speaking or clear  communication with others. Assists with digestive issues, sore eyes, broken bones and skin disorders. Can assist with new mothers with breast feeding and maintaining a calm and nurturing spirit. 

Chakra Association-  Throat 


Emotional Healing Properties  -  It is nurturing to ones mind, heart and soul. Bringing forth inner strength, stability and peace. Calms anger, and frustrations assisting one to remain calm and accept life's uncertainties. Ones auric field is protected and is cleansed of negativity, shedding things that no longer serve ones soul. It encourages deep compassion and unconditional love to self and others. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Cleansing to inner organs.  Known to assist in healthy function of the immune system. Calms the nervous and emotional self, easing tension and anxieties. 

Chakra Association  - Heart, Throat, Third Eye 


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