Brecciated (Poppy) Jasper



A form of Jasper that contains the stone Hematite. Poppy Jasper is another name for Red Brecciated Jasper. 

Emotional Healing Properties-   Brecciated Jasper is known to be a very protective and grounding stone. Cleansing the auric field and body of negativity. It is nurturing to the soul during stressful and overwhelming circumstances. Allows creativity to flow and organisational skills to appear. Encourages a healthy sense of community, compassion and empathy when working with others. Healing to the emotional self with feelings of shame, fear, guilt especially when associated with sexual experiences. 

Physical Healing Properties-  Improves mental clarity and focus. As it absorbs negative energy it helps to restore and recover body back to optimal health after illness. Heightens the flow of Kundalini energy, encouraging healthy sexual functional physically and emotionally. 

Chakra Association -  Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra. 

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