Emotional Healing Properties -  Calcite is a very cleansing stone as it removes stagnant energy. It encourages motivation when feeling lazy or sluggish. Calcite is a great stone for studying, it is great for remembering and obtaining new information. It can assist in remembering past life experiences in order to relearn and remove habits that no longer serve us. A very spiritual stone that allows a connection to higher consciousness and psychic abilities. 

Physical Healing Properties - It cleanses and purifies the bodies organs. Encourages healthy balance of calcium within the body, obtaining a healthy skeletal system. Encourages healthy blood clotting and tissue repair. Assists with healing of intestinal and skin disorders. 

Chakra Association-  Crown, Third Eye




Emotional Healing Properties - It brings a sense of peace and stability as it is cleansing of negative energies. Aids in allowing one to feel responsible for their own actions and thoughts, and assists with breaking old habits. It is encouraging for deep emotional healing. Invites positive abundance and creativity to ones life. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Great for studying, it aids in focus and concentration. Helpful in retaining information and encourages healthy memory function. Known to assist in healthy absorption of calcium. Assists with the healing of arthritis and osteoporosis. Promotes healthy overall vitality. 

Chakra Association   - Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras.




 Emotional Healing Properties - A stone for strength, courage and confidence. Enhances a deep state of relaxation and meditation, gaining wisdom from higher consciousness.  Expands your energy and sense of self. Boosts self esteem, and encourages leadership qualities within. A stone used when procrastinating has become an issue, assists in getting unfinished projects or business completed. 

Physical Healing Properties -  A stone that encourages memory and gaining new intellect. Aids in boosting the immune system, healing and regular functioning of female reproductive organs, known to assist with arthritis, healing to bladder and kidney. Can assist children when training thru difficult stages of bed wetting. 

Chakra Association-   Solar Plexus, Sacral.




Emotional Healing Properties  - This gorgeous stone encourages abundance to ones life. It is highly cleansing of negative energy in the mind body and spirit. It assists with shedding away old negative patterns or past life cycles that no longer serve one for the higher good. It teaches one healthy self confidence and empowerment. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Calms the nervous system, eases anxiety and fear. It is a great stone to use in creating a calm and focused mind and enhancing memory.  Helps to regain energy and strength. 

Chakra Association - Solar Plexus.




Emotional Healing Properties  - A calm and nurturing energy, it is healing to the heart and inner child. A gentle stone that encourages one to see compassion, forgiveness, love and peace with oneself and others. It encourages self worth and self acceptance and to heal the heart from past regrets, and mistakes. It is a supportive stone that aids with feelings of grief, and anxieties, releasing fears. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Aids with stresses and anxiety. Known to ease night terrors, calming the mind and nervous system. Aids in healthy absorption of calcium and magnesium into the body. Aids in healthy function of the circulatory system. 

Chakra Association  - Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown.




Emotional Healing Properties  - The perfect stone to invite unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. It encourages one on their personal and spiritual development journey. Encourages one to release repressed emotions and negative cycles, embracing new positive change for the better. Heals the heart and emotional body of deep emotional wounds.

Physical Healing Properties  - Eases the feelings of stress and anxieties. Boosts immune system and encourages healthy function of internal organs. Encourages healthy absorption of calcium, encourages healthy function of skeletal and muscular systems. 



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