Caribbean Calcite



A combination of brown and white aragonite and blue calcite forms the beautiful stone of Caribbean Calcite. It is a relatively new find from Pakistan.



A stone known to encourage peace and relaxation. It has a calm nurturing energy to the emotional and mental body, allowing one to feel at peace. It assists in cleansing stagnant emotional blockages allowing one to be released from past hurt. Calcite is a great stone for studying, it is great for remembering and obtaining new information. A very spiritual stone that allows a connection to higher consciousness and psychic abilities.  

Chakra Association-  Crown, Third Eye, Heart 


A very grounding stone that has deep connection to Earth element. It brings forth clarity to a situation, or problem supporting you while you deal with it.  It clears emotional and mental blockages, stabilising energy in the mind and heart. Encourages environmental compassion such as recycling and caring for wildlife. Promotes focus and concentration. Encourages self awareness, patience and acceptance. 

Chakra Association - Root Chakra.


A stone of purity, serenity and wisdom. A supportive angelic energy radiates from this stone, bringing comfort and healing to the emotional self. Encourages patience, acceptance and understanding to one’s spirit.  

Chakra Association - Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

 *Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.


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