Emotional Healing Properties - Encourages peace, harmony, compassion and acceptance. A stone of reflection and support, it encourages emotional honesty, assisting one to overcome uncomfortable feelings and thoughts in a positive manner. Allows one to shift through fears that may be holding them back from being or speaking their true self. Encourages healthy communication, and assist with obtaining new information. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages healthy mental stability, known to increase memory. Known to be calming to the nervous system. Assists with healthy function of the throat, neck and glands. 

Chakra Association  - Throat and Heart Chakras 



Emotional Healing Properties   - A stone of stability and peace, it encourages balance between the mind, body and spirit. It absorbs negativity and brings forth positive energy to the wearer. A supportive stone that encourages community, compassion and generosity. Aids in learning and retaining new information, calming the mind of negative thinking. Encourages healthy self expression and personal growth and awareness. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages healthy function of the nervous system. Encourages healthy function of the body’s organs. 

Chakra Association  - Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Crown 

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