Emotional Healing Properties  - A highly vibrational cleansing stone, it aids in removal of negative energies. It encourages one to connect to higher self. Encourages you to speak your truth, cutting through fears and blockages. Balances yin-yang energy.

Physical Healing Properties -  Restores Qi to the physical body and it’s organs. Known to ease muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, adrenals, a natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure, releases excess weight. 


Emotional Healing Properties -  It assists in cleansing the auric field and chakra energy centres, cutting through emotional negative blockages.  It aids in clear and calm communication when speaking ones truth. Encourages enthusiasm and passion in ones life. It enhances positive thinking and encourages one to view different perspectives. 

Physical Healing Properties - Detoxing to internal organs, calms a hyperactive mind and reduces stress and tension stored in the body. It lowers blood pressure, stimulates healthy function of adrenals. Great for heart and the circulatory system. 

Chakra Association - Throat and Heart

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