Emotional Healing Properties-   Moonstone has a beautiful feminine energy healing to the mind body and soul. It heals the heart and invites abundance in healthy love relationships.  It encourages inner strength, peace and wisdom, compassion and nurturing energy.  It heightens intuition, enhances psychic ability and can aid in lucid dreaming.  Cleansing to the chakra energy system, balancing and aligning the masculine and feminine energies within. Enhances creativity, inspiration and abundance in ones life. 

 Physical Healing Properties-  Assist with Healing and healthy function of hormones, PMS, menopausal symptoms, and the thyroid gland. Reduces fluid retention, encourages healthy function of organs, cleansing any toxins. Assists with fertility, pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding. Encourages healthy sleep habits, reducing sleep walking, and insomnia. 

Chakra Association - Crown, Third Eye, Sacral 


LARVAKITE (Black Moonstone)

Is considered a Feldspar. It helps to repel negative energies. Helpful for those learning new information because it allows us to understand things from a higher perspective. It teaches patience and supports us when an ending is required. Creates new pathways for knowledge so you can open new doors.


Emotional Healing Properties -  A beautiful gentle feminine energy, this stone is comforting and nurturing. A stone that encourages unconditional love on all levels, it assists us to see and feel loved, and to connect with those we love on a more deep energetic level. A grounding and comforting energy it calms the mind, allowing one to truely be present and accepting of themselves. Is known to increase intuition and spiritual wisdom. 

Physical Healing Properties-  Increases fertility, healthy function of reproductive organs. Calms the mind, reduces stress. 

Chakra Association-  Heart 



A great stone to help us manifest and see what needs to be done to achieve that goal. Helps us to reconnect to divinity and our ability to create. Attracts love, luck and prosperity. A stone of abundance and worth. It promotes self love, friendship and connection. It opens the heart Chakra and helps us to work on tolerance, patience and unconditional love.

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