Moonstone has a beautiful feminine energy healing to the mind body and soul. It heals the heart centre and invites abundance in healthy love relationships.  It encourages inner strength, peace and wisdom, compassion and nurturing energy.  It heightens intuition, enhances psychic ability and can aid in lucid dreaming.  Cleansing to the chakra energy system, balancing and aligning the masculine and feminine energies within. Enhances creativity, inspiration and abundance in ones life. 

Chakra Association - Crown, Third Eye, Sacral 



Helps to repel negative energies, it is grounding and protective. It promotes feelings of patience and peace. Aids in studying and learning new information.  Is known to enhance psychic abilities, and see inner visions, encouraging to learn from a higher perspective. Enhances motivation to complete unfinished projects, and creates door ways to new opportunities. 

Chakra Association -  Root 


A beautiful gentle feminine energy, this stone is comforting and nurturing. A stone that encourages unconditional love on all levels, it assists us to see and feel loved, and to connect with those we love on a more deep energetic level. A grounding and comforting energy it calms the mind, allowing one to truely be present and accepting of themselves. Is known to increase intuition and spiritual wisdom. 

Chakra Association-  Heart 


A stone of deep connection between spiritual and physical realms. It is supportive and healing to the emotional body. Promoting unconditional love, worth, connection, patience and compassion between self and others. A stone that encourages creative flow, focus and self worth. Known to bring forth abundance, luck and prosperity into one’s life.  

Chakra Association  Solar Plexus, Heart 


Like all Moonstones, Peach Moonstone is a great stone for tapping into our inspiration, creativity and feminine energies. This stone brings with it a sense of safety and security, particularly within our relationships. It helps us to feel secure and tap into the best version of ourselves. It helps us to be calm and patient, and find motivation to do the things we are passionate about. Brings happiness and transformation.

Chakra Association-  Heart, Sacral, Third Eye. 

*Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.

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