Emotional Healing Properties -  A highly protective stone, onyx creates a protective shield around ones auric field, deflecting negative energies. It is supportive in times of challenging circumstances, especially with grief, confusion and stress. Onyx encourages one to release past negative experiences, in facing our shadow self, and unhealthy cycles. It is grounding and supporting when healing through these changes. Provides inner wisdom, inner strength and the willpower and focus to pursue healthy desires. 

Physical Healing Properties - Assists in healthy teeth, bones, blood and feet. 

Chakra Association Root, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye Chakras. 


Emotional Healing Properties  - A protective and grounding stone, connects us deeply to Earth energy. It assists in healing of past traumas and negative life experiences. A stone that encourages, clarity, focus and self discipline. It aids in feeling stable and focused in life, helping achieve ones true desires and positive life experiences. Brings balance and harmony to mind, body, spiritual bodies. 

Physical Healing Properties - Assists in the healing of ear, nose and throat issues. Encourages healthy function of the nervous system, eases anxiety and irrational fears. 

Chakra Association - Root, Solar Plexus 

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