Ruby Feldspar



Emotional Healing Properties  - Ruby emotionally invites abundance, passion, and enthusiasm for life. It encourages one to replace any anger or negative thought process with positive feelings and outcomes. It encourages healing of the heart centre, assists with deep emotional wounds. Feldspar helps you to detach from old unhealthy habits and cycles. It encourages new self awareness and self love and acceptance. It heightens intuition and psychic abilities, can assist with finding lost items. A combination of Ruby and Feldspar makes the perfect team to look at new creative ways to enjoys life pleasures, and be grateful for what life has given us. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Ruby is known to balance our energy levels. It detoxifies the body, blood, lymph and treats fevers. Good for heart and circulation. Stimulates adrenals, kidneys and spleen. Feldspar helps with easing disorders or the skin and muscular body. Known to ease tension and lower blood pressure. 

Chakra Association - Heart, Third Eye, 


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