Smudge Sticks

We have FOUR different types of smudge sticks available. 

Clearing: White Sage Smudge Stick. White Sage is the herb to use when you need brute strength to shift energies and entities that attach themselves to you and your environment. White Sage clears these negative energies, purifies your environment and protects you from possible future attacks.

Harmony: White Sage and Lavender. Use this combination to create harmony, tranquility & love. White Sage & Lavender restores balance & creates a peaceful atmosphere. It is excellent for areas of high stress and for cleansing an area after emotional upsets.

Protection: White Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass. Clear away any negativity, bring in positivity and create peace through the grounding influence of the Cedar. The sweetgrass in this blend is ideal for attracting your angels & spirit guides to protect you. This combination is perfect for making a fresh start in a new home, office or car.

Courage: Prairie Sage, Mugwort and Patchouli. This divine combination assists with cleansing the space of negative energies and emotions. This blend can create a feeling of confidence and clarity to pursue ones positive desires and goals. 

Our Smudge sticks are grown right here in QLD using Organic practices and are made from the stem - not loose leaves so they don’t fall apart. You can stub them out and reuse them! Our smudge sticks are approximately 14cm long!

Sage is used for clearing negativity inside and outside ourselves, from our house, room, office, or any other type of structure. We use it to cleanse our auras, too.



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