Tiger Eye



Emotional Healing Properties- Tiger Eye is a grounding and protective stone. It is known to bring forth good fortune and abundance. It helps to build self esteem, dispels fears and anxietys. Balances ying and yang energies promoting the healing of inner conflict and tensions. It is calming to the mind, it encourages mental and emotional clarity, good decision making and good judgement.

Physical Healing Properties- Can assist with the release of addiction, helps to balance emotions, aids digestive organs and is good for the eyes and bones. Helps to lift mood and can support anxiety and depression. Promotes healthy function of the reproductive organs. 

Chakra Associations - Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Energy Centre) and Root Chakra (1st Energy Centre)



Emotional Healing Properties - It is a beautiful grounding stone, helping one to feel calm and stable in life. It assists with healthy self worth, courage and self acceptance. It encourages one to release anger, resentment and low vibe thoughts and feelings. It brings optimism, motivation, confidence and inner strength to ones spirit. 

Physical Healing Properties - Assists in healthy function of the sexual organs, increases libido. Can assist in healing of blood disorders. Eases disorders of the eyes. Encourages healthy balance of hormones, can assist with menopause, PMS symptoms. Calms the nervous system, easing anxiety and depression. 

Chakra Association  -  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus



Emotional Healing Properties-  A calming stone, it is used to reduce stress and anxieties. Blue Tiger Eye opens and balances the throat chakra, encouraging confident speech and communication. It balances the emotional ying and yang energies, eases a quick temper.  Encourages mental clarity and heightens psychic abilities. 

Physical Healing Properties-  Healing for the throat and ailments associated with the thyroid. Reduces tension and stress in the mind, creating mental clarity. Slows down and balances metabolism. Encourages a healthy sexual balance. 

Chakra Association -   Third Eye, Throat 



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