Webinart pieces can be used for a particular purpose or simply a decorative ornament to add to your favorite location. The web is designed within the bamboo structure to catch negative energy. It is then purified with the vibrational properties of the crystal chosen that resonates with the specific individual. That transformed energy is then released via the sail. This will help to clear, purify and raise the vibration of both the individual and the area. When utilizing the specific powers of the crystal in each work, it can help to set an intention first. Whether that intention be such things as to help manifest something you would like to attract, heal past or present trauma,  remove unwanted negative energy or simply to get a better nights sleep. 

All of our art work is created by hand with no template. Each piece is unique with its own touch of style so there will never be two the same. We use earthy materials which include bamboo, tree branches, cotton, twine, hemp. Each piece features a crystal with its own individual property and power. It is good practice to charge your crystal in a full moon and energise in the sun from time to time. This will help purify energies of the crystal. Our range is constantly evolving, varying in different designs with different crystals and we also do custom works on request. Be sure to contact us and we can put together a combination for you. 

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