Aventurine Egg - #AV-EG02

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This beautiful Aventurine egg weighs 138 grams and measures 4cm x 5cm at its widest points.

comes with stand.


Aventurine promotes positive, easy going attitude towards life, balances male and female energies, brings joy, happiness and emotional tranquillity. It aligns one's centres, purifies the physical, mental and emotional bodies, promoting health and well being. Aventurine promotes compassion and empathy, calming our anger. It stimulates our mind, creativity, motivation and independence. It protects us against electromagnetic energy and environmental pollution. It is also a stone of prosperity.

Healing: Stimulates healing of the muscles and bones, relieves headaches and migraines, helps blood pressure and cholesterol, aids in releasing fear, anxiety and stress, aids in sleep disorders, helps protect against heart conditions and inflammation.
Chakras: Heart

Medium sized tumbled stone. 2cm - 5cm. Stone may vary from image, as all stones are unique.