Crystal Gua Sha and Face Roller Gift Set
Crystal Gua Sha and Face Roller Gift Set
Crystal Gua Sha and Face Roller Gift Set

Crystal Gua Sha and Face Roller Gift Set

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These beautiful gift sets include a Crystal Gua Sha and Crystal Face Roller. The regular use of a gua sha is known to have many health benefits such as, enhancing natural flow of the circulatory system, encourages healthy function of the lymphatic system, it is known to ease wrinkles and fine lines, and increases healthy collagen in the skin. Face rollers are used for massage and can assist with reducing puffiness in the face, healing the skin and producing collagen. 


AVENTURINE - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White.

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, empathy and compassion. It encourages a calm mind and spirit, releasing anger, irritation and negative feelings. It allows one to see things from different perspectives, it teaches one to turn a negative circumstance into a positive opportunity. Great for leadership and decisiveness. Protects against electromagnetic frequencies.

Chakra Associations - Heart Chakra (4th Energy Centre)



A great stone to enhance love, self love, unconditional love, romance and trust. Encourages forgiveness, peace and helps you to let go of heartache. Helps you to express your emotions and learn to be vulnerable in a positive way. Helps with deep inner heart healing. 

Chakra Associations: Heart Chakra (4th Energy Centre)

Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.

*Crystals are a naturally occurring mineral formation, they are all unique and can have imperfections such as small cracks and divots. Item ordered may differ slightly from picture shown.

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