Grimalkins Curious Cats Tarot

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With one paw in the human world of catnip toys and belly rubs and another in the animal world stalking prey and disappearing into the landscape, cats exist in a liminal space between domestic and wild, captive and free. They are mysterious shapeshifters, loyal familiars and self-appointed rulers over the humans they deign to grace with their company - and many of us will happily submit to their rule for a few cuddles. From scrounging alley cats to well-fed fat cats, and hairless cats to giant puffballs, Grimalkin's Curious Cat Tarot is a pawsitively purrfect deck for any cat lover. Each of the Rider-Waite-Smith style cards in this deck depict cats along their own furry fool's journey - the good, the bad, the graceful and the goofy.