Orthoceras Ammonite - Jewelery Box
Orthoceras Ammonite - Jewelery Box

Orthoceras Ammonite - Jewelery Box

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 This gorgeous orthoceras and ammonite jewelery box weighs 685 grams, it features a lid and measures approximately 9.5cm in diameter and 6.5cm tall. 

Orthoceras and ammonite is the fossilised remains from the ancient sea animals known as Cephalopods. 


Shell of Cephalopod - (Sea Animal) 

These ancient minerals can assist in the process of healing and re-birthing ones soul. It’s stunning spiral shape is symbolic to the cleansing process that Ammonite has. It actives the power of kundalini energy and is cleansing to the auric field and chakra energy centres.  It is linked to the soul's Akashic records and assists in gaining deep inner knowledge and wisdom. A protective stone, it gives stability and structure to ones being, encouraging one to remain present and stable in life’s challenges. 

Chakra Association - Root and Third Eye Chakras.


Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.

*Crystals are a naturally occurring mineral formation, they are all unique and can have imperfections such as small cracks and divots.

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