Plant Spirit Reiki

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OUR INNATE CONNECTION with the natural world is essential for our health and well-being. In this book, Fay Johnstone combines the power of nature-based therapy and intuitive plant medicine with reiki to demonstrate how energy healers and reiki practitioners can partner with the forces of nature for potent healing for themselves, others, and our planet.

You can enhance self-practice and reiki treatments for others by bringing the outside in, using elements of nature, plant preparations, prayer, and other sacred forms of plant medicine. Explore how to include both the physical plant as well as the spiritual / etheric components of plants and nature in your reiki practice. Practical exercises, techniques, and meditations as well as case studies and personal experiences show how best to harness the power of plants on all levels, along with other energy flows, so they can support the healing process. In addition, Plant Spirit Reiki explains how to open up to plant spirit allies and integrate chakra work and healing with the elements of nature into your practice.

You also learn how to use reiki for nature, receive guidance on how to raise the vibration of your home and community, and how to send distance healing to the Earth, nature beings, and endangered habitats across the world. By deepening our conscious cooperation and partnership with nature and the plant kingdom, in a sacred healing way, we come to recognize that in healing ourselves, we are also healing our Earth.

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