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Emotional Healing Properties - A stone of courage and protection - worn in ancient times by sea men to protect them as they traveled out at sea and prevented them from drowning. It’s name meaning has a significant connection to the Water element and energy of the ocean.  It is known to create a tranquil mind reducing stress, fears and phobias. It has a soothing energy that generates deep healing, compassion and unconditional love. It opens the throat and heart chakra for clear communication, creating tolerance of others. Used in meditations to connect to higher self, gaining universal wisdom, heightening intuition in order to break old self-defeating patterns, making space for things that serve your higher purpose. 

Physical Healing Properties - A cooling energy that is used to reduce inflammation within the body, aids in healing physical pain when crystal is applied over the area. Good for sore throat, swallon glands and thyroid dysfunction. Can assist in boosting the immune system especially for people with autoimmune disorder.

Chakra Association - Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras

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