Emotional Healing Properties -  Known as a protective and purification stone, used to protect one’s auric field as well as against physical harm. Known to enhance one’s spiritual self, as it heightens intuition. It encourages healing to emotional wounds and invites peace and calm to one’s heart space. Allows one to communicate truthfully, freely and peacefully. Assist with bringing forth one’s true soul purpose and inviting in positive abundance.  

Physical Healing Properties -  Assists in health issues regarding the throat, neck and glands. Protective and cleansing of electromagnetic pollution. Purifies blood, and is detoxing to the body’s organs. Known to ease tension and worries, calming of the nervous system. 

Chakra Association -  Third Eye, Throat, Heart. 


Emotional Healing Properties  - A stone known of positive opportunities and transformation. It is known as the stone of “evolution”. Encourages inner strength, inner wisdom and a will to better ones self. Encourages stability, and clarity to one’s life. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Known to ease stress, tension and feelings of depression. Assists with healthy function of digestive, skeletal and nervous systems. 

Chakra Association  - Third Eye, Root 

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