Emotional Healing Properties-  A beautiful gentle stone that is calming and healing to the mind, body and soul. A high vibrational stone commonly used to meditate with, encouraging to see new perspectives and follow our true spiritual path. A nurturing stone that aids in easing anxieties and tensions.  Encourages healthy communication, speaking about past experiences and dealing with them lovingly, easing emotional burdens. Encourages peaceful sleep, and dreams.

Physical Healing Properties -  Detoxifies and regenerates the liver. Eases feelings of tightening of the heart and chest. Can assist in allergies, and respiratory issues such as asthma or lung damage. It can help relieve inflammation, as well as eczema and psoriasis. 

Chakra Association -  Third Eye, Throat, Heart



Emotional Healing Properties  - A beautiful supportive and nurturing stone to encourage healing of the heart centre and inner child. It assists in all relationships, as it generates healthy connection and compassion for self and others. It encourages deep love, insight and balance to ones spirit. It assists in releasing anxieties and stresses, leaving one feel calm and content with life. Used in meditation to heighten visions and gain inner wisdom. 

Physical Healing Properties - Known to boost the immune system, said to relieve symptoms of the flu and colds. Known to reduce a fever. Encourages healthy function of the nervous system, reducing stresses and anxieties. 

Chakra Association - Heart, Third Eye 



Emotional Healing Properties -  A beautiful nurturing stone of love, compassion and kindness. Pink opal encourages one to feel loved, warm, safe and protected, especially in times of grief, sorrow or anxieties.  Opens the heart centre to give love and receive love. A high vibrational stone that heightens intuition, supports self acceptance, inner strength and wisdom. Strengthens the hearts energy on all levels. Can aid with children that are shy or anxious, Or suffer night terrors or insomnia. It supports the child’s mind and heart helping them to find their self confidence, easing their worries and overactive mind. 

Physical Healing Properties -   Helps to heal headaches that arise from a blocked or unopened third eye. Promotes tissue regeneration, heals blood disorders, muscle tension and spinal disorders. 

Chakra Association -  Third Eye, Heart 



Emotional Healing Properties  - A stone for encouraging hope and healing to ones emotional self. It aids in deep spiritual growth as it heightens intuition it encourages one to follow their truth and purpose in life. It aids in clear mental clarity, and decision making. Brings harmony and balance, stability and focus to ones life. 

Physical Healing Properties - Known to assist healthy function of the circulatory system, eases dizziness and vertigo. Encourages healthy mental function, encourages focus and concentration. Known to ease feelings of depression and anxiety’s. 

Chakra Association - Third Eye, Sacral, Root, 



Emotional Healing Properties - A stone which brings peace and stability to ones life. It is highly protective to ones auric field, deflecting negative energies. Brown Opal encourages confidence and inner strength allowing one to face their fears head on, pushing thru life’s challenges and bringing forth a positive result.

Physical Healing Properties- Assists with healthy physical strength and vitality, strengthens bone structure. Known to aid in healthy function of digestive system. Calming to the nervous system.

Chakra Association - Root

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