Emotional Healing Properties -  A loving and nurturing energy, Stilbite supports the heart in times of loss and grief. It’s light and uplifting energy brings joy, compassion and inspiration to ones life. It is calming to the mind, clearing mental chaos and anxiety. When used in meditation it expands  one’s consciousness, encouraging  inner peace and wisdom. Is a great stone for dream recall. Assists in clear decision making, promoting a clear sense of direction in life. Encourages one to be themselves and go with the flow of life. 

Physical Healing Properties-  Assists with a good night sleep, eases insomnia. Healing to the throat, laryngitis. It is a great cleansing stone used to purify the body’s organs of toxins. Strengthens ligaments. Aids in brain disorders, creates a calming effect with ADD and ADHD. 

Chakra Association- Crown, Third Eye, Heart Chakras 

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