Carved Shapes


We carry a range of crystals in different carved shapes. Most animals and shapes have a different meaning. Our most popular shapes are:

Angels - They come in many shapes and forms, always there surrounding us in love and guidance. Never interfering, just there for us whenever we need them. Be aware every minute of every day, as Angels touch and talk to us all the time.

ÔĽŅBears -¬†ÔĽŅBears represent taking a stand and protecting yourself and others. They represent inner strength and stability, nobility, leadership, power, courage and patience.

Buddha - He is infinite with no beginning and no end, self created, revealing his teachings to those who are ready to hear. Life is not good or bad, it is what it is. Be still, listen to your heart and trust this part of your journey.

Butterflies - Butterfly Transmutation & the dance of joy. A symbol of change, joy & colour. They remind us not to take life so seriously, it is a dance so get up & move. What stage of change are you at cocoon larvae or butterfly. If butterfly has entered your life it is time to examine your life & that all change is good.

Dogs - Guidance, protection, loyalty. A loyal companion on your journey in this life and beyond. Dog shows us how to defend ourselves, our values and what we hold sacred in our lives. Also dog asks are we loyal to ourselves or are we trying to please others.

Cats - Guardian ship, detachment, sensuality. Cat has the ability to observe without judgment. Make decisions and act upon them. Cats know who they are and what they want. They help us to understand our instincts and how to act on them.

Elephants - Symbol of royalty, fertility, strength and power. Elephant is all about caring for the family & community and having respect for all, young and old. If you are drawn towards this totem, clouds are also important to you. Elephants with trunks up, facing in bring abundance (health, wealth and happiness), with trunks down facing out bring protection.

Dragons - Active and attuned to the earth. Builds for future, leader of others. Strong stubborn, kind, and popular.

Owls - Owls are the birds of magic, wisdom & prophecy. They help us to see clearly through, beneath and around people and situations. Nothing is hidden when owl is around. Owl also reminds us to live with integrity and truth. Owl sees all.

Skulls - Reconnect to the ancient past, a time when all was simple and free and the meaning of life was known to all.

Turtles - Turtles represent peace, tranquility, water element, emotional healing, longevity and perseverance.

ÔĽŅWolves -¬†ÔĽŅThe wolf represents team work, protection, loyalty, team work and the importance of social connections.

Merkaba - symbolic to the combination of ones mind, body and spirit. The word broken into three Mer - meaning Light, Ka - meaning Spirit, and Ba - meaning Body. A powerful healing and protective symbol, great to hold onto during meditation. Balances and revives the two sides of the brain. Assists us on our spiritual path and enables us to experience unconditional love and inner wisdom. 

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