Golden Quartz



Emotional Healing Properties - Being a part of the quartz family, it holds high vibrational healing over all for mind, body and spirit. Golden Quartz is cleansing to the auric field, filtering out negativity and replacing with positive energy. Provides healing golden light to flow evenly through the body, balancing yin and yang energies. Opens up the communication between physical and spiritual, amplifier for intentions, and healer for negative blockages. Encourages success and wealth, guides you in the right direction. Helps to break away from toxic situations, people, and encourages a deep healthy understanding and acceptance for positive change in your life. 

Physical Healing Properties -   Boosts immune system, adrenal system, thyroid, muscular and skeletal system, aids in digestive issues, fatigue, depression, regulates organ function. 

Chakra Association- Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root 

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