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Emotional Healing Properties -  A self cleansing and recharging stone. It is very calming and brings forth clarity to ones mind. Brings forward clearer judgment and a different perspective. It can be used to cleanse other crystals when placed next to each other. Selenite is a high vibrational mineral used in meditations and spiritual work. Used to open the crown chakra, accessing higher self, and higher angelic realms. 

Physical Healing Properties -  Aligning for the spinal column, promoting flexibility. Great healing stone for the skeletal system. Used to detox the body of metal poisoning such as amalgam fillings in teeth. 

Chakra Association - Crown Chakra 



Emotional Healing Properties - A stone known for its cleansing and manifesting energy. Encourages creativity, optimism, a sense of motivation and determination to achieve positive goals. Selenite is known to cleanse its surroundings of negative emotions and energies and bring forth positive renewed energy. It encourages peace and stability, and known for its protective energy. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages healthy function of the nervous system. Detoxing to the body’s organs, assisting to remove and cleanse toxins from the body. Encourages healthy function of hormones and digestive systems. 

Chakra Association  - Crown, Solar, Sacral 




Emotional Healing Properties  - A stone of connection, cleansing and clarity. Desert Rose aids in the removal of stagnant energy in mind, body and spirit. It heightens intuition and psychic abilities, encouraging one to connect with their spirit guardians and inner wisdom. It is nurturing and supporting of the heart centre, allowing compassion and connection with others to flow freely. Assists in healthy self worth and clear direction, bringing back feelings of optimism, stability and focus to ones life. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Encourages focus and concentration. Reduces anxieties and feelings of despair or depression. Encourages healthy self worth and creativity. Encourages healthy function of reproductive system. Known to boost the immune system. 

Chakra Association - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Crown. 



Emotional Healing Properties  - Known as the stone of ‘flowing energy’ it cleanses stagnant blockages and channels positive energy through the energetic body. Used to balance and align the body’s Chakra energy systems. Assists with meditation, connection to higher self and gaining inner wisdom.  A stone of purity and peace, allowing one to feel safe, guided and supported. 

Physical Healing Properties  - Cleansing to the body’s organs. Encourages mental clarity.

Chakra Association  - Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root chakras. 

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