Emotional Healing Properties -  A self cleansing and recharging stone. It is very calming and brings forth clarity to ones mind. Brings forward clearer judgment and a different perspective. It can be used to cleanse other crystals when placed next to each other. Selenite is a high vibrational mineral used in meditations and spiritual work. Used to open the crown chakra, accessing higher self, and higher angelic realms. 

Physical Healing Properties -  Aligning for the spinal column, promoting flexibility. Great healing stone for the skeletal system. Used to detox the body of metal poisoning such as amalgam fillings in teeth. 

Chakra Association - Crown Chakra 


Encourages a friendly, productive atmosphere. Good for persuading children to do homework etc. Encourages people to buy. Helps you to feel secure at night. Encourages creativity, pride and pleasure in work and flexibility in the workplace
Healing – Assists with food obsessions, nausea, fluid retention, hormonal imbalance, prolapsed womb.

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