Picture Jasper



Emotional  Healing Properties - A beautiful grounding stone, Picture Jasper is rich in Mother Earths nurturing and healing energy. A stone commonly used in meditation to connect to past lifetimes to learn and let go of past life lessons. Brings up hidden and unresolved emotions to be understood and healed. It assists in letting go of fears, stress, anger and resentment. After releasing the negative emotions it helps to enhance harmony, balance and comfort back into your emotional self. 

Physical Healing Properties -  Encourages healthy function of internal organs, detoxing and cleansing to kidneys, stomach, intestines. It is known to encourage healthy bowel function, and assists in the healing of IBS, prostate, hernias and other stomach conditions. Helps to ease skin irritations or allergies. 

Chakra Association - Third Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus, Root Chakra

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