Emotional Healing Properties - A cleansing stone to ones auric field, it is protective on an energetic level. Used in meditation, it clears the crown chakra of blockages and enhances psychic abilities. It aids in accessing past life memories, encouraging healing from these experiences. Serpentine corrects and balances mental and emotional blockages. Assisting in resolving life’s problems and obtaining control over your life. It encourages mental clarity and directing you onto your correct life path. 

Physical Healing Properties -  It is physically cleansing to the body, eliminating toxins and parasites. Aids in calcium and magnesium absorption. Treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes. 

Chakra Association-   Crown, Third Eye, Root



Lizardite (from the serpentine family) it encourages one to have a strong connection to nature. It is highly vibrational and assists with cleansing and aligning the chakra energy centres. Allows one to feel supported, and to make healthy foundations. Encourages healthy function of the mental and emotional bodies. Detoxing to the physical body.  Protective to the wearer from physical harm.

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