Gabbro Indigo


GABBRO INDIGO- Mystic Merlinite 

Emotional Healing Properties-  A highly vibrational stone that awakens our spiritual self. It assists in understanding and unveiling one’s spiritual abilities. It encourages inner wisdom, self love and guidance during deep healing within. Used in meditation and past life regressions, to connect and heal on a higher consciousness. Great to use when overcoming our shadow selves, encouraging one to see and heal through the dark and unveil the light within. It is a unique stone that encourages grounding yet revitalising to the upper chakras, it encourages healthy balance through out our spiritual centres. 

Physical Healing Properties-  Is said to reduce inflammation and swelling, especially after deep bruising or sprains. Can reduce infections, and boost the immune system. 

Chakra Association-  Root, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

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