Crystal Meanings


Emotional Healing Properties  - Brings a sense of the ocean to ones soul. It is soothing, and relaxing to ones emotions especially after tense situations. It’s beautiful colours and shine represent the beauty that can be seen after the waves and turmoil of life. Known to attract abundance and good health into ones life. Encourages one to reflect and see different perspectives in situations. Encourages healthy relationships between others. A stone known to enhance psychic abilities. 

Physical Healing Properties  Strengthens Immune System, muscle tissue and heart. Aids digestion. Helps arthritis and joint disorders, allergies and rashes.

Chakra Association - Crown, Third Eye, Heart 



Agate stabilises emotional and physical energy. A soothing and calming stone, working slowly to bring great strength and self-confidence. Improves concentration, heals inner anger and stimulates love and strength so one can move on.
Healing – Transforms negative influences to positive, stimulates digestion, heals eyes, stomach, and uterus, strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders.



Emotional Healing Properties - Calming for the mind and nervous system, easing worry and fears. Assists with looking at different perspectives during conflict. Opens and heals the throat and heart centres assisting in clear and loving communication. Assists with emotional traumas, balancing both feminine and masculine energies throughout the spiritual body. 

Physical Healing Properties - Dissipates negative energy and blockages of the nervous system. Good for Osteoporosis, tooth decay & calcium deficiencies. Relieves muscle spasms. Is great at blocking electromagnetic pollution. 

Chakra Association -  Heart and Throat Chakra 



Emotional Healing Properties: Amethyst has strong cleansing and healing properties. It can help to enhance spirituality, psychic abilities and can assist during a spiritual awakening. Can help with blockages that are causing you to resist growth and change. It can help to find peace and clarity.

Physical Healing Properties: Great for insomnia and over analysing. Can help to ease stress. Great to support issues with the blood, immune system, skin and endocrine system.

Chakra Associations: Third Eye and Crown Chakras (6th and 7th Energy Centres)



Emotional Healing Properties: Apatite is a great Stone to use to increase motivation and restore energy. Helps to move past emotional exhaustion and clear negative blocks and beliefs about yourself. Great to ease tension, irritation, anger and sorrow.

Physical Healing Properties: Great for manifestation and for use in crystal grids. Great for ailments of the bones and meridians. Great for diet, suppressing hunger and raising metabolic rate.

Chakra Associations: Throat and Third Eye Chakras (5th and 6th Energy Centres)


AVENTURINE - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White

Emotional Healing Properties: Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and has connection to the Devic Kingdom. It's a great stone to help with growth in the garden. Protects against electromagnetic frequencies. Can help to defuse a negative situation and find the positive. Great for leadership and decisiveness. Calms the mind and is great to help let go of anger and irritation.

Physical Healing Properties: Can help to regulate the Thymus Gland, supports the nervous system, can help to balance blood pressure, assists the relief of migraines, soothing for the eyes and skin.

Chakra Associations: Can help to balance the Heart Chakra (4th Energy Centre)



Emotional Healing Properties: Citrine is a great stone to use to manifest abundance and prosperity. Cleansing and regenerating, it energises and brings happiness, hope and courage. Encourages joy, self confidence and self assurance. Balances and cleanses the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and aligns them.

Physical Healing Properties: Can support the digestive system, spleen, thyroid, pancreas, hormone function and middle spine.

Chakra Associations: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras (3rd and 7th Energy Centres)



Emotional Healing Properties: Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone and amplifies the energy surrounding it - including those of other crystals. It is great to use to enhance the energy of crystal grids. Works on all levels of our existence - eg Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, Intellectual Body, Physical Body etc and as a Master Healer it is great to use to remove energetic blockages.

Physical Healing Properties: Great for removing blocks, can support memory and immune system. Great to calm and balance the energetic system. As a Master Healer it can aid all physical ailments and support healing.

Chakra Associations: Balances all Chakras.



Emotional Healing Properties: Fluorite is a great stone to enhance concentration. It can also draw in the negative energy from stress around you and purify it. A great stone to help protect a space from day to day negative energetic baggage. A great stone to help keep calm and clear chaos within the mind. Helps to cleanse the Aura. Great for helping to heal from emotional trauma and can support PTSD.

Physical Healing Properties: A powerful healer and great to protect against electromagnetic frequencies. Can help with pain relief. Good for ailments of the teeth and bones. Can assist with healing from Shingles and nerve related pain.

Chakra Associations: Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakras (5th and 6th Energy Centres).



Emotional Healing Properties: A great stone to enhance love, self love, unconditional love, romance and trust. Encourages forgiveness, peace and helps you to let go of heartache. Helps you to express your emotions and learn to be vulnerable in a positive way. Helps with deep inner heart healing. 

Physical Healing Properties: Can support heart, blood circulation, adrenals, chest and breast issues, respiratory system and fertility

Chakra Associations: Heart Chakra (4th Energy Centre)



Emotional Healing Properties: Tiger Eye is the stone of Personal Power. It works with all our "Self" emotions. Self Worth, Self Assurance, Confidence, Strength and Protection. It helps to build self esteem and helps to resolve inner conflict. It aids good decision making and good judgement. It is also very grounding and calming.

Physical Healing Properties: Can assist with the release of addiction, helps to balance emotions, aids digestive organs and is good for the eyes and bones. Helps to lift mood and can support anxiety and depression.

Chakra Associations: Sloar Plexus Chakra (3rd Energy Centre) and Root Chakra (1st Energy Centre)