Clear Quartz & Calcite Geodes

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These gorgeous Clear Quartz & Calcite Geodes cone in a range of shapes and sizes. Small measure between 2cm and 3.5cm, Medium measure between 4cm and 5cm and Large measure between 5cm and 6cm


Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone and amplifies the energy surrounding it - including those of other crystals. It is great to use to enhance the energy of crystal grids. Works on all levels of our existence - eg Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, Intellectual Body, Physical Body etc and as a Master Healer it is great to use to remove energetic blockages.

Chakra Associations-  Balances all Chakras.

*Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.  

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*please note: as Crystals are a naturally occurring formation, they are all unique and can have imperfections such as small cracks and divots.*