Grape Agate - #GR-AG05

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This gorgeous grape agate cluster weighs 13.5g and measures approximately 4.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm at its widest points.


A stone known to encourage spiritual growth, assisting with energetic and emotional healing. A protective stone while allowing one to connect deeply to their higher self. It heightens one’s psychic senses, used for dream recall and inner visions. A stone of stability, security and feeling a sense of peace. Encourages one to feel healthy self esteem, and to own their natural abilities.  

Chakra Association  - Third Eye, Crown 

*Please note: The information stated above is a guideline only of what this crystal may assist with.

*Crystals are a naturally occurring mineral formation, they are all unique and can have imperfections such as small cracks and divots.

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