The Complete Guide to the Enneagram

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Know Yourself Deeper to Live and Love Better

Live a more fulfilling life and reach your highest potential with Sierra Mackenzie, Enneagram expert and founder of the popular Instagram account @EnneagramEnthusiast. Through an emphasis on home, love, work, and play, Sierra takes a fresh and modern view of the Enneagram's nine personality types to reveal how your type manifests in your daily life and how to understand the types of others around you.

Begin your journey by identifying your personal Enneagram type with Sierra's approachable ten-minute quiz, before delving deeper with comprehensive chapters focusing on each of the nine types. Real-life examples and insights from Sierra's treasure trove of experience go beyond the basics to provide you with a unique perspective on each type's needs, fears, and core motivations. Entertaining and easy-to-read for those just starting their journey, and packed with original insights for Enneagram experts, this book will help readers discover new ways to nurture their growth and develop more fulfilling relationships in all aspects of life.

Embark on your personal journey to awaken a deeper understanding of your personality and those in your life with this invaluable introduction to the Enneagram.